Linkage: Google getting into affordable housing?

By Jason Sandquist / September, 6, 2011 / 0 comments

A taste for restaurant leases developing via StarTrib.

Affordable Housing Sector Finding New Financing via Urban Land Institute (h/t Mike Cobb). Google! We’ve even witnessed Google investing in affordable housing in Minneapolis with the Riverside Plaza getting $28 million as Aegon US Realty Advisors partner up.

Class-B Assets and Secondary Markets Earn Their Day in the Sun via NREI. Minneapolis is considered flyover country secondary market for investments. Investors have been making plays here for the past 12 months and we aren’t just talking about your “mom and pop” investors either, some major players including institutional and REITs as well.

Wells Fargo targets commercial real estate via Realtor(r) Mag.

15 digital agency work spaces that evoke¬†creativity¬†via Mashable. Thinking your office space isn’t creative enough and needs a redesign, check out these unique features that every business should incorporate (I like the bar one).

Surly Brewing finds a local adviser to help them find their new space via TCBmag. My dream is CRUSHED, but I’ve got others I’m helping locate space for a new brewery and Dan Peterson has a site that we think will be awesome for adaptive reuse! As an outsider looking in, it appears they are leaning towards Minneapolis for their new site.

The freelance surge is the industrial revolution of our time via The Atlantic.

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